Where to Watch: in the USA on tv

This is the first post in the “Where to Watch” series. As I live in the US I will start here with an outline of tv services. In a future post I will cover online options.

If you want to see all the Six Nations or Rugby World Cup live on a tv in the US there is only one service – premiumsportsinc.com/. In bars they charge $20 at the door to see most premium games.

Big news for rugby fans in America as BBC America announced today that they will cover one game in each round of the 2010 Six Nations.

Starting with Wales playing England in Twickenham on February 6. Then covering Ireland over the next three rounds including their big clashes with France and England away and then Wales in Dublin. The final game will be the clash of France and England in the Stade de France.

England v Wales- Saturday, February 6, 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PT

France v Ireland – Saturday, February 13, 11:30 a.m. ET / 8:30 a.m. PT

England v Ireland – Saturday, February 27, 11:00 a.m. ET / 8:00 a.m. PT

UPDATE Ireland v Wales – Saturday, March13, 9:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT This game is being replace by the Calcutta Cup game.

Scotland versus England (in Edinburgh) – Calcutta Cup
Saturday, March13, 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PT

France v England – Saturday, March 20, 9:00 a.m. ET / 6:00 a.m. PT

BBC AMERICA is available on digital cable systems throughout the U.S. and via satellite on DIRECTV (1-800-531-5000 or www.directv.com) and Echostar’s DISH Network (1-800-333-3474 or www.dishnetwork.com).

DIRECTV channel 264 & DISH Network channel 135

The Heineken Cup, Magner’s League and Guinness Premiership are all on Fox Soccer +, further details available on http://msn.foxsports.com/foxsoccer/plus.

ITVN is set top box internet streaming service. It also offers Setanta Sports Channel for $14,99 a month.As I don’t have any experience of this service but SatelliteGuys.US have reviews. UPDATE: ITVN is not accepting new subscribers

WorldTV – a subsidiary of content management and delivery company GlobeCast – also offers Setanta Sports Channel for $14,99 a month. I don’t have any experience of this service. The Setanta Sports FAQ is pretty comprehensive


  1. That’s a really useful post. My question for you is as follows : I don’t have access to a television here in the United States but I’m from New Zealand and love to follow the All Blacks and the Tri Nations in general. I’m also currently in Vermont and the nearest bar with Setanta is a long way away in Albany, New York. Do you have any idea how I could watch the game live online? I would be quite happy to pay anything up to 20$


  2. Anyone know if the NZ-Aust match this weekend is being shown in the US on TV? Not seen anything mentioned yet.

  3. Im looking for the Leicester/Springbok game on tv on Nov 6th – can anybody help? Would also like to watch the rest of the tour – all i can find is the last game against Ireland on Setanta.

  4. http://www.setanta.com/ca/Our-Sports/Rugby-Union/Fall-Tour/

    These end of year international rugby tests, known as the Fall Tour here in the northern hemisphere, are generally held in November. Watch the best Fall Rugby action as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, the Pacific Islanders and Canada tour the Northern hemisphere.

    Matches will be LIVE on Setanta Premium, except Wales vs. Argentina. Setanta Premium is available only in bars, clubs and restaurants. Matches will also be shown delayed on Setanta Sports.

    >> For details on Setanta Premium, follow this link.

    Saturday, November 7

    England vs Australia 9.30am LIVE

    Wales vs New Zealand 12:15pm LIVE

    Saturday, November 14

    England vs Argentina 9.30am LIVE
    Sunday, November 15

    Ireland vs Australia 10am LIVE

    Saturday, November 21

    England vs New Zealand 9.30am LIVE

    Ireland vs Fiji 12:15pm LIVE

    Wales vs Argentina 2:15pm delayed

    Saturday, November 28

    Ireland vs South Africa 9.30am LIVE

    Wales vs Australia 12:15pm LIVE

  5. Setanta did not show the All Blacks playing Italy, or France and are not showing the Barbarians game. it seems that Setanta has lost certain rights in Europe so we now have no choice. The IRB should be actively trying to change this ridiculous situation where people in the US are no longer able to see the bulk of International rugby. Another stunning move by the IRB to further stifle the game, having already ruined it as a spectacle. Why would they worry??

  6. Rugby on TV in USA – I have recently taken residence in USA and wondered if U could tell me whether Direct_TV or Dish is the better service for International Rugby? …. Does Sentana broadcast rugby on both Direct TV and Dish ? any advice for me? Thanks, Alan (South African) tel 303 681 9700

  7. Bad news for every one. Setanta is in receivership and has been sold to Fox Sports World. Don’t know what this means for rugby coverage….

  8. Just received an email from my provider (getnextv.com) – no more Setanta US after Feb. 28. Anyone know of another way to watch rugby after that?

  9. This is over for rugby in the USA , unless down the line Fox creates a Rugby channel but I would not count on it . This is a very sad moment as I suscribed to setanta only for the rugby content. I am just going to turn again to Kudu club and watch south african rugby on my computer. At least I will get the tri nation, super 14 and currie cup as well as craven week .

  10. I saw my first ever rugby match yesteday (France vs. Ireland) in the Six Nations, and was fascinated by it. Comcast was showing it on BBC America, and I really enjoyed it. I think that by the end of the first half I pretty much got the hang of the basics of the game (being used to American Football it took a little bit of “different thinking”.
    But now I’m all over looking to see when and where I can see more. I loved it !

  11. All the sanzar rugby (super 14, tri-nations, air new zealand cup) can be found on the rugby channel (rugbyzone.com). If anyone finds an update on the Heinecken cup please post it?

  12. Ok, so now that Setanta is gone, is the only option to get S14 and Test Matches via download or is there another provider?

  13. Gutted! I got DISH specifically for Setanta’s rugby coverage and then got the grim news about its demise about 3 months into a 24-month package.

    Have signed the above petition but see they only have about 3500 names so it won’t rock many boats unless things snowball soon. There has to be a rugby audience out there that’s of some commercial value…When the DISH guy was connecting us up he reckoned there were a lot of Chicagoans hooking up for rugby. I know one guy’s testimony’s not much to go by but I gotta clutch at whatever straws are available.

    Will check out rugbyzone.com but if anyone else knows of any other sites that stream major rugby games (looking for both hemispheres but main focus would be SANZAR) — and I don’t care how legitimate they are/n’t — please post here.

  14. I would like to know if for sure direct tv show the game of rugby league like the storms,Brisbane , south Sydney rabbitohs from Australia.. I have cable of time warner and they dont show it on spike.Dont even have a listing neither of it.. Moved from Australia here and I always watch the games from Rugby league NRL.. Can someone help me please????

  15. super14 is on fox soccer + dips at dish told me no on the 6th so i canceld costin me 5 dollars but this morning the 12th flipin threw i see super 14 crusaders on 406 and i dont get it do a search for super 14 and games come up for 2 weeks in advance so i reorder an games on so super 14 is still on just the website for fox isnt uptoday must have just got the rights it is a new chan but makes sence they would fox has rights in australia and originaly had rights in US

  16. Setanta is now Fox Soccer + which is not carrying any 6 Nations this weekend. March 12th and 13th! Anyone know where you can get these games either streaming live on broadband or recorded for download?

  17. Im a kiwi living int he states – Fox soccer channel on Direct TV is showing the June 2010 tests and the 2010 tri- nations. Still in the the old resolution not in HD – but at least its something!

  18. Medizone.com broadcast Rugby Union matches for a number of years quite succesfully then Rugbyzone took over and made a complete mess and now they have lost the streaming rites beyond Africa’s borders. Setanta seems to be in trouble too… There are thousands and thousands of rugby fans all over the world and we are being denied coverage. Does anybody have any information or suggestions…? This is very bad news for 2011…….

  19. omg! I cannot miss my beloved all blacks… world cup…irb 7s etc etc…someone tell me where to go and watch..Im in LA long beach area…isnt this country the centre of the universe?????…*&^%$#@#@@***::”” access the everything!! ….

  20. omg! I cannot miss my beloved all blacks… world cup…irb 7s etc etc…someone tell me where to go and watch..Im in LA long beach area…isnt this country the centre of the universe?????…*&^%$#@#@@***::”” access to everything!! ….

  21. Hi Pat,

    I am also looking for an alternative to rugbyzone.com for on demand super 15 in the U.S.. Please let me know if you find something.


  22. Fox Soccer Plus shows Premiership, Magner’s League, Heineken Cup, LV Cup, and Amlin Challenge Cup. $15/month on DirecTV and Dish Network. Best value I believe. Super Rugby DirecTV 490 and 490-1 (HD). Usually comes on at like 4 AM so DVR/Tivo is great for that. Besides that, streaming. NBC will cover some of the RWC this year, if you have Universal Sports, you should be able to watch 7s and a ton of RWC matches this year. ESPN on Xbox LIVE has some rugby on it. Scotland and Top 14 (French Clubs). Someone needs to tell Spike to bring back NRL. League is sometimes fun to watch for it’s big hits. Union is still beter though :). Yeah, but that’s all I got.

  23. Try his website from direcTV and see what options it may bring you. I have recently moved back from New Zealnd and too am desperate to get my All Balcks fix. Especially for the World Cup, because we all know this is their year. Go the AB’s!!

  24. 2011 Super Rugby Schedule

    “Super Rugby has set new benchmarks for the game. Don’t miss a moment of the hard-hitting action. Tune in to Channel 490 every weekend starting February 18. Compliments of DIRECTV.”

    Hurricanes vs Highlanders 2/18 1:35am EST
    Rebels vs Waratahs 2/18 3:40am EST
    Blues vs Crusaders 2/19 1:35am EST

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